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Top Seven Reasons To Help Out NOLO

Volunteering and Fundraising is a beautiful thing. Those who are helped are forever grateful, no matter what form of help is received, it improves their overall well being…and for the volunteer, the positive impact knows no bounds.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” -Gandhi

1) While you may feel down, it is important to feel self-worth, which is achieved through volunteering. Benefiting those in need is a remarkable experience, and will impact every aspect of your life. There is a full circle affect in life, while one person is helped for one reason, it benefits every area of a community, each individual at a time.

2) While Child Abuse is an underrated crime as is, finding those to care for adult survivors is rare. Being there for the ones who feel they’ve been forgotten might be the motivation they need to keep trying.

3) Fundraising can be done anywhere. It can be incredibly frustrating reaching out for money, especially since times aren’t easy, but even a simple dollar from each of your facebook friends, or followers on other social media outlets, can and will add up quickly, reaching astronomical goals.

4) Volunteering is a humbling experience. We all have our problems, some worse than others, but even if our past is worse than the person we’re helping, we’ve made it through that rough patch already. Helping a stranger, acquaintance, or friend through this same turmoil will remind you to appreciate the journey you’ve made it through so far.

5) While these can be directed to any child abuse organization, volunteering at NOLO is a very personal experience. Nicolette is working on growing the organization everyday, and is open to hearing ideas that will work towards benefiting survivors of abuse.

6) Helping out can be as flexible as you want it to be! While I love working alongside Nicolette, and doing what I can to spread her message…we’ve never actually met. Everything she’s discussed with me, and that I worked on, has been done with her being in Illinois, now Texas, and me being in Massachusetts. With advances in technology, there’s really no telling the simple and convenient ways you can help.

7) Raising Awareness is Vital, and can also be done telecommuting. Not enough people take Child abuse seriously, raising awareness to the growing problem, and its consequences. It’s the simplest of all parts of volunteering, and dedicating your time to a cause, but it can truthfully make all the difference.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” -Winston ChurchillVolunteer-Page

Don’t Give Up On Giving

Volunteering can be difficult. Nobody has time, we’re all on a budget, and struggling to get by as is, but volunteering brings us a greater sense of accomplishment and hopefulness that we cannot receive from a job. Doing good to do good, will make us proud like nothing else can. Helping those less fortunate than us is an incredible deed, and takes less work than you might think.

Whether you only have an hour to spare volunteering, find a local charity and do it. We want want to end child abuse. Find a local child abuse event, it’s only one day, make the time for it, and those that you help will be forever grateful. Find a problem you’re passionate about, and do positive work to solve it. It will make a difference. To a child that’s ready to give up on themselves, us not giving up on philanthropy and charity will make the difference.

One person can tip the scale of improving child abuse laws, one dollar is the difference between family counseling, one meal is the difference between every child being fed, one phone call can save a child from abuse…Why does all of this matter? Because it only takes ONE to change a child’s life, and not let their future be defined by their abusers.

Don’t give up on Community Service. It might be difficult, but a spare hour once a year can be a time for philanthropy. Even sharing posts or events for promotion can and does make a powerful impact. Keep trying.