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21 Days to Build A Habit

I follow a lot of different Nike accounts via instagram, and since the beginning of January they promoted the 21 days to build a habit notion. While, scientifically speaking there might not be indefinite evidence to support the claim, it’s safe to say if you do something everyday, for 3 weeks in a row, you will make a habit of it…good or bad.

From this I wanted to build a 21 day child abuse survivor challenge, promoting healing and seeing how you’ve grown in a positive way, after getting away from your abuse. While we all deal with things differently, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel helps everyone to l ook past their darkest days. For this challenge, I’m going to give the challenges three days at a time, all involving something you need to write down.

Here’s your first three days:

Day One – Write about a bond you were able to form that came from being a survivor

Day Two- What is a positive trait you developed from being a survivor

Day Three- What is a weakness/struggle that you want to work on that you developed from abuse, and how has it already improved compared to what it was.

Keeping looking out for the next 3 day set of the survivor challenge!

Moore Minutes: learning about perfectionism, struggles, beauty, and being set free

Take Time To Breathe

take time

We live in a busy world. Everything’s fast paced. We always are on-the-go. We always have a mile long to do list, and a million and one things to improve upon. With all of the chaos and rush, we forget the peacefulness and beauty of the here and now.


We’re survivors, activists, dedicated to ending child abuse, fighting the evils and pains in the World that we don’t take a step back to revel in the beauty. We’re here, and whether we realize it or not, we’re putting positivity into the world, we’re making a difference.


Don’t forget to appreciate all you do and take time to yourself, be kind to yourself, be proud to be you, be proud of your accomplishments. Sometimes when we focus on making a difference so much we forget the power of self expression and a relaxed mind. Whether it’s a bench outside to watch the sunrise, a day at the lake, writing in your journal, posting in your blog, sketching your favorite animal, a DIY project, yoga, and/or meditation…remember you’re doing good, and all the work you’ve done and continue to do is worth doing, give yourself a break every now and then.

Child Abuse Cas…

Child Abuse Casts a shadow that lasts a lifetime.

-Herbert Ward

Traumatic experiences can often lead to negative outcomes, and when emotional pain is unbearable, it’s difficult to not give up on yourself and the beautiful life you deserve. There’s a way to come out positive, to remember what you deserve, and to prove everyone wrong that ever put you down. Disadvantaged youth from child abuse that remain positive are said to be Resiliant. Resilience is said to be caused from intelligence, positive influences, a big sense of humor, and the capability to be independent. Never let the odds being against you make you give up, prove yourself and the World wrong and there’s no measure in what a disadvantaged youth can become. It’s incredible to survive a life with so much struggle, and flourish in the difficulty.

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