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Day 16-21 the End of the Challenge

Sorry for the delay everyone! When I spent time with my nephew last week, he ended up getting sick, and then I caught it! Due to the lateness, I’ll be including Day 16-21 of the challenge. I hope this challenge has really helped in you some way, and that you push yourself to grow each and every day, never letting the World knock you down!

Day 16- What’s one thing you’ve done, no matter how small, to help someone, that you’re particularly proud of?

Day 17- Write a letter to the person you love most, or that you look up to the most. How have they helped you?

Day 18- Write the scene of something relaxing. What do you think of when you need a break?

Day 19- Imagine you’re giving a lecture to a middle school. Not about a particular subject, but of life in general. What would you tell them?

Day 20- What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, so much so that it’s a life goal? What’s keeping you from doing it?

Day 21- Any younger generation in your family, or your own children…what do you want them to think of when they think of you and how do you intend on leaving that mark on them?

The Past 2 Weeks

Sorry everyone for not posting for over 2 weeks!!! I wasn’t feeling well, or eating well, and functioning was really difficult, therefore I needed a break, but I plan on making up for it!


The Difference Makers program I mentioned previously is underway, and our team’s working diligently to present our project effectively and hopefully earn funding to hold the NoLo Movements first out of state event! Our first step in the judging process will be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 28th, and if selected we’ll continue onto the preliminary challenge on April 4th. We hope our project brings light to the prevalent problem of child abuse in America, and provide healthy and effective ways to give and receive help.


A Belated Happy Birthday to our founder Nicolette, who strives to empower survivors and make a difference in the lives of others!!! Your compassion and selflessness shows in all the accomplishments of the No Longer Silenced Movement today, so wish her a happy belated birthday!


I will catch up with comments and acknowledging followers support this week, your generosity never goes unnoticed.


One quick fact we can take away from today is to remember that child abuse knows no race, gender, or income; it’s across all socioeconomic levels. Many times we judge specific parents, or expect children to appear grungy with burns covering their skin. We must remember to not judge, listen whenever possible, and be trustworthy. If a child can trust you, they’ll be honest with you, and you can help them to break their silence.