Child Abuse Statistics

by No Longer Silenced Movement

We know we’ve written this post before, but it will never stop being important. Child abuse is one of the most underrated traumas affecting our nation, and too many think they can pinpoint an abused child by their family situation. This isn’t anyone’s fault, but we want to take steps to improve the stigma and misinformation that surrounds child abuse. is a great resource for anybody interested in learing more, or that are interested in getting involved, and the statistics I’m going to include come from them.

  • a report of abuse is made every ten seconds
  • child abuse knows no socioeconomic boundaries
  • 80% of 21 year olds who suffered from abuse had at least one psychological disorder
  • The United State has the worst record among industrialized nations
  • Yearly referrals to state protective services involve 6.6 million children

There’s a lot of facts surrounding child abuse, and even more statistics surrounding child abuse survivors, but this is a good starting point to educating yourself around the situation nationwide.