When You Need Someone To Talk To

Survivors of Child Abuse come from all parts of the world and society. Child abuse is one of the few crimes that knows no socioeconomic grounds. You may have come from a poor family, your parents could’ve been rich, you could be a any race, and your parents can show any amount of involvement in your life…but you could still be a victim of abuse.

While some are taken frohttps://wordpress.com/post/m their homes and put in foster care, many are left in the same households that they fear. Even those that are placed in foster care, many are not guaranteed a home. Knowing this, it makes sense that many survivors of abuse are led to make poor decisions…not only do they need to do what’s important to survive…but the system has, without a doubt, failed them.

Speaking out, for survivors and victims, is an important part of the No Longer Silenced Movement, and becoming the “home” that many survivors don’t have is a blessing. We want to be here for you, we want to be your shoulder to cry on, and we will always be present for when you need to reach out.

Helping others gives us strength, and it could do the same for you. If you’re interested in helping out the No Longer Silenced Movement as an Intern, please email Hurricane1751@gmail.com. If you’re able to become a foster parent, I encourage you to do so. Those in homes need a voice, and those in foster care, need a loving home. For more information about fostering, please visit nationalfostercare.org. Most importantly, don’t forget, we’re always here if you need it.