New Website

by No Longer Silenced Movement

Nicolette, the founder of the No Longer Silenced Movement, has been hard at work putting together a new website for the organization. While still under construction, the work and effort put into the project is ever present when viewing the website. The founder worked with the owner of 815 media to produce the pilot site, and the attention to detail is un canning.

Our founder, in the midst of a move to Texas, to begin her journey into graduate school, somehow found the time to dedicate to the project and all of her hard work is worth it. The site who currently has individual team member bio’s as well as the mission statement can be found at The site, which incorporates the blog, gives credit to the people and organizations that have done their part to make the No Longer Silenced Movement what it is today, and keep it on the road to further growth.

Check out our new website, and let us know what you think!