Don’t Give Up On Giving

by No Longer Silenced Movement

Volunteering can be difficult. Nobody has time, we’re all on a budget, and struggling to get by as is, but volunteering brings us a greater sense of accomplishment and hopefulness that we cannot receive from a job. Doing good to do good, will make us proud like nothing else can. Helping those less fortunate than us is an incredible deed, and takes less work than you might think.

Whether you only have an hour to spare volunteering, find a local charity and do it. We want want to end child abuse. Find a local child abuse event, it’s only one day, make the time for it, and those that you help will be forever grateful. Find a problem you’re passionate about, and do positive work to solve it. It will make a difference. To a child that’s ready to give up on themselves, us not giving up on philanthropy and charity will make the difference.

One person can tip the scale of improving child abuse laws, one dollar is the difference between family counseling, one meal is the difference between every child being fed, one phone call can save a child from abuse…Why does all of this matter? Because it only takes ONE to change a child’s life, and not let their future be defined by their abusers.

Don’t give up on Community Service. It might be difficult, but a spare hour once a year can be a time for philanthropy. Even sharing posts or events for promotion can and does make a powerful impact. Keep trying.