no longer silenced movement

Empowering Child Abuse Survivors and Promoting Awareness

Month: May, 2014


Our No Longer Silenced Movement Trademark has been approved!!!

It is incredible to have a trademark, and to know we legally own our name and design. This is a huge step in any organization, especially one as new as the No Longer Silenced Movement. It goes to show the incredible affect of people working together towards a common goal. 

There’s nothing that you can’t do when you have so many that want to make a positive impact on the World, and this goes to show you all the good that can come from dedication and passion.

If you believe in something whether it be ending Child Abuse, or even World Hunger, never give up!

“Faith is why I…

“Faith is why I’m here today and faith is why I made it through.”

-Jonathan Anthony Burkett

We can’t go through life thinking that if we’ve been let down before, it will continue. No Longer Silenced Movement is a way to remind those who have been abused of this. You should never lose faith in yourself. You have to have faith that you can overcome anything. It’ okay to lose your way sometimes…we all do that…but just remember that you survived from abuse, you will get through everything. Whenever we attempt to accomplish a goal, we come across road blocks. While we’re at these road blocks alls we can see is how many more road blocks we need to make it through, how much more time it’ll take, how much more work it’ll take, but we rarely look back and consider our progress. Very few times do we take a minute to think of all of the roadblocks we’ve already overcome…very few times do we look back and see how much work we’ve already done and how much we’ve already accomplished. You have to be able to remember all that you’ve done, if you’ve taken even one step in the right direction…you’ve done something great! You can achieve your goal if you keep doing everything you’ve done to make the first step. If you take the first step to get help, or talk to people who were also abused, you’ve accomplished something big. You’ve taken a huge step to help yourself…keep going in the right direction and never lose faith.

Change Is Always Possible

While we can’t change events that happened to us in our childhood, that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent it from happening in the fist place. This doesn’t mean we cannot get Justice for how we were treated. If you were abused, and never spoke up about it, that doesn’t make you any less of a person…that doesn’t make you anything that might cross through your mind as you live in regret. While we can’t erase or change the past we can report the crimes done to us, and show others to do the same for themselves. Be the person that you needed when you were a child, scared and alone. Be the person that would make you want to free yourself from the pain that others bring to you. Remember, always, that you’ve done nothing wrong…and that speaking up is very difficult. Keep in mind that others may have had different advantages than you’ve been given. Don’t knock yourself down for something you haven’t done yet, make it happen today.


It’s hard to not dwell on things we might’ve been able to done but even knowing that…we need to be able to realize that as a child, we shouldn’t have had to worry about these things. Reward your past, current, and future self by speaking up about what had happened to you and inspire other generations to realize they can do the same for themselves, they can help themselves when nobody else would, because they’re never truly alone. There’s always people to share stories, pain, and a past with; that you can relate to, and that will make you feel at home, but the only way you’ll find these people is by talking about. You will feel liberated when your’e honest with yourself and the world and there’s no greater gift than inspiring positive change in others lives.

A Lifelong Journey


Recently I’ve come across people who don’t seem to understand the battle that a Child Abuse Survivor faces after they’re no longer being abused anymore. The misconception that the pain is gone is not a new concept…but it needs to be addressed. There’s no painful experience that you don’t carry with you even after you’ve survived.

From anxiety to depression to serious lack of trust…survivors continue to struggle throughout their lives. As you know, victims handle trauma in different ways, but one thing is for sure, nobody comes out the same way they came in; For Good or for bad, change is inevitable.

If you have a friend whose a survivor, don’t forget to let them know you care.

If you know a current victim, don’t forget how much you can help them by speaking up.

No matter where you come from or who you meet, everybody needs a hand sometimes, everybody feels pain, don’t assume because a current situation is good, that they didn’t endure darkness.