“The reward for…

“The reward for work well done, is the opportunity to do more” Dr. Jonas Edward Salk

Dr. Jonas Edward Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine, selflessly donated the vaccine to children in need, and fought for their rights when in testing the vaccine, they sought to have a control group, which would mean a group of children would not get the experimental vaccine. 


He fought for the rights and good health of children he never met…he had children of his own, however none with the dreadful disease, but still dedicated his hours in the lab to save the children that were infected.


Growing up, I’ve witnessed many adults conflicted with how to go about helping someone in a troublesome situation, and sadly many who have questioned how they themselves would benefit by providing aid to children in need.


“Child Abuse casts a shadow that lasts a lifetime” -Herbert Ward, we help those in need, not expecting something in return, but to know it is worth it, to help get children away from dangers that last a lifetime. Nicolette Winn, the founder of the No Longer Silenced Movement, works diligently and passionately towards saving children from abuse, knowing what it could do to someone, and the lasting affects that survivors endure each day. There are many ways a person can help, donating funds or time, and promoting awareness which can be as easy as talking about it and researching how drastic child abuse is in our nation. Help because you can, because any little bit helps, and gives you the chance to do more and helping even more people with each ounce of effort you continue to put in this cause.